The handicraft culture of Tappezzeria Pratelli dates back to the late 50’s, it was founded by Giancarlo Pratelli, a well-experienced upholsterer, who had realized important projects.

After the conclusion of specific studies at a prominent tapestry school, Giancarlo Pratelli worked in historic Tuscan Villas, such as the villa of Gotti-Lega Count in Capannoli and that of the Toscanelli family in Val di Cava, solidifying in this way his experience and passion directly on the field.

Thanks to the teachings transmitted by its founder, the Pratelli brand continues on its path of growth with the same passion and artisan knowledge in the hands of the later generations.

Following the father’s example now the new generations express, like their father in the past, the finest taste of “Made in Italy”, combining tradition and craftsmanship with technology and modern design, in a creative and elegant atmosphere unchanged over time.